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The Three Uniforms

The uniform that you wear as an ATC cadet is based on the RAF service uniform and is given to you free of charge. The only things we ask to get yourself is a pair of parade shoes and a pair of combat boots. Notes on buying shoes can be found at the bottom of the page.

Beret Correctly Worn

Beret Correctly Worn

All three uniforms have a beret as the normal headgear. The badge should be positioned over the left eye.  The beret is to be worn at all times you are in uniform unless given permission to remove it by the person in charge. The only exception is when on an airfield for flying or gliding where it may constitute a hazard. If you are wearing a civilian coat that covers your uniform to walk to or from the squadron you should remove your beret.

Below are the three different uniforms you will wear as a cadet:

Light Blue Uniform (No. 2a)

Also Called “Wedgewood Blues” or “Number Ones”

This is the most formal of the three uniforms. It is worn on inspection nights, when the squadron goes on parade and on other formal occasions. It is made up of the light blue shirt, a black tie,  trousers or skirt, belt, brassard and parade shoes. With a skirt you should wear ‘Barely Black’ tights and with trousers black socks. There is a blue jumper to wear over this uniform in cold weather.

The shirt, trousers, skirt and brassard should be ironed before you wear it; each time. The shirt should have a visible crease along the top of each arm and trousers should have visible creases running down the middle of each leg on both front and back. You will receive training at the squadron on how to look after your uniform, but there are some useful links at the bottom of this page that you might find useful.



Working Blue

Working Blue

Dark Blue Uniform (No. 2 b)

Also known as ‘Working Blues’

Dark blues are worn around the squadron on most nights. They are less formal than the light blues and are the standard for lessons and other squadron activities that don’t involve getting messy. The dark blues basically the same as the light blues except that the shirt is dark blue, which is fairly obvious really. The same rules apply as those above.










Combat 95’s

Almost always called ‘Greens’ or ‘DPM’s ‘ (Disruptive Pattern Material, in case you wondered)

Greens are generally worn for messy and outside activities; things like shooting, fieldcraft, adventure training and military skills training. The greens uniform is made up of a combat shirt, combat trousers and combat boots. You may also be lent a combat smock or jacket to go over this uniform in cold weather. You may wear a green webbing belt with this uniform if you have one. NCOs may wear an RAF stable belt.

Even though greens are the least formal uniform they must still be clean and cared for. They should be ironed before wearing them.


How to Polish Your Shoes

Positioning of ATC Badges

ATC Badges

ATC Rank Structure

Links to Videos on Uniform Care


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