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A few helpful hints on running the site.

Shortcode is the name for anything in SQUARE BRACKETS. It is code to the website to do something, they have to be absolutely correct or it won’t work. Some of them also need a closing shortcode that has a / at the beginning, if that isn’t right the site will go on doing (on that page) whatever the first shortcode told it to!

To change the menu:  Go to <Edit Page> at the top left click on  <Dashboard>.  On right near the top click on <Menu>. The menu is “Drag and Drop”. Note that if a page is deleted either automatically or manually it will not remove the item from the menu, it always has to be done by editing the menu.

To enroll a new user. The new user needs to fill in the form at <Home>  <Register for Password> (but this step is not necessary if new user is present). You then go to <Edit page>, <Users>  <Add New> and copy details in. This is a deliberately manual operation to allow a degree of editorial control. Make sure that <Send Password> is checked at the bottom and click on <Add New User>. Then go to <Users>  <All Users>, find the user you have just put in, click on <Edit> (just below the User Name) and then at the bottom tick the appropriate box(s) in <Set Up User Groups>. Click on <Update User>. All done.

To set up an Activity Page.   The “Owner” of the activity will have  filled in an Activity Request Form  at <Resources>  <Staff Resources>  <Activity Request Form> which will send an automatic email to the Webmaster (See below to change mail forwarder). From the email select and copy the details of the activity. If you don’t have the email see below.

Go to <Pages>  <Add New Page> think of a name for the activity and type it in; this will be the name of the page.
On the bottom right tick the appropriate box(s) in <Access> and higher up check <Post Expirator> and fill in the details so that the page will disappear when activity is over.

In the main part of the page paste the stuff you copied from the email. If you want to be posh at the top type {table} only use square brackets. Below the info type {/table} again square brackets; then type a comma between the heading and the data on each line and remove all other commas and any irrelevant lines of text. Some staff still cannot get how to make an activity code and get it all back to front. It should be 3 or 4 letters and the date DayMonthYear (without any slashes) for example shoo110314 for shooting on 11th March 2014.

You will need to remove any unnecessary lines from the list.

Update page and test. Problems are usually either the short code (the bit between the square brackets) or commas in the wrong place in the text. Every comma starts a new column. If the text needs punctuation I use semicolons.

To set up a sign-up page is a bit more complicated. Go to Forms (in the left column). When the forms page opens click on Add New once nothing will appear to have happened, but if you scroll down you will see your new form at the bottom with the name NEW. Put the cursor under the name and you will get some options, click on Edit. Now change the name from New to Sign-Up for activity code and save. Now click on Insert Saved Form  and another box will open to the left giving you the opton to insert previously saved forms. Choose one of the forms that starts Template and then click on Load Fields and OK in the warning box. You will now have a form loaded. If you need to you can edit any of the lines. One more important thing, look on the right side and find a box labeled Form Slug which will have form and a number in it. Replace the contents with the activity code.

If you do add any new fields to the sign-up form, note that you must not ask for any of the following:

Exact Date of Birth (you can ask age in years and months on the day of the activity)
Passport Number or the number of any other identifying document
Full Address
Anything else that could contribute to identity fraud


Now save the form and go back to the activity page you created earlier. Below the information put in a heading, for example Sign-Up for activity code, then newline and put in {form slug} using square brackets and the form slug/activity code you put on the form. Update the page and test it; the usual problem is a typo within one of the square brackets.

To set up an activity list page the easiest way is to copy and paste the contents of an existing one and the change the form slug. The list page must be staff only.

If you have not got the email

In the main part of the document type in the shortcode {formdata form-1} except the brackets need to be square brackets (I can’t put them in here or WordPress will assume it is a short code!). Publish the new page and view the new page . You will now have every form ever filled in on the page, so now select the form you want and copy. Go back to <Edit Page>, take out the short code and paste the text you have just copied into it (this is just an easy way of getting the data into the page without re-typing). You can now edit the text to remove any irrelevant bits and typos and maybe turn it into a table if you have time.

Now to add the sign-up form if it is required. Go to <Forms> (on the left side of the <edit Page>) and click on <Add New>. When the new form arrives at the bottom of the list go to <Edit> below where it says “New Form”,  click on <Insert Saved Form>,  from <Insert Fields From> select  <Sign Up Original> and then click on <Load Fields>. Now change the <Form Slug> (right hand column) to the activity code. Do the same to the Form Name (it will say “New Form” at the moment). Click on <Save Form>. You have now created the sign-up form.

Go back to your new Activity Page and below the information you have just put in, enter the shortcode {form dux240714}  where dux240714 is the activity code/sign-up form slug and the brackets are square brackets.

If you want a listing of who has signed up add a new page and give it a name and an expiry date. Enter the shortcode:

{formdata  dux240714 table show=”last,first,rank,age,class”} using square brackets and where dux240714 is the activity code

Update Menu


To put a new Training Program in:  

Select the relevant part of the spreadsheet, then “Save as webpage”, check the “Selection: Cells” option, give it the name you want it to have on the webpage, something like “July 14 Trg Prog” and “Save”. Then go into the website page, put the cursor where you want the link, “Add Media”, upload “July 14 Trg Prog.htm”, insert into page and the link will come up with the file name. WordPress is rotten at making links blue or underlining so do that and increase font size to 16 pt.
Delete any time expired links and “Amend”.
I’ll put this advice in the <Site Operation> page under <Home> and <Webmaster>
To allow a user to contribute to Calendar
You will get access to it by going into Google, going to the funny little blue circle with a head and shoulders in it at the top right-hand corner. This will give you the option to open/change account. Enter calendar@1811atc.org.uk in the upper yellow box and a password of Armoury1 in the lower box.
To change calendar settings
Go into Google and change the calendar settings. Copy the HTML. Open page in Edit . Change from Visual to Text.  Paste new html. Update.
To Put a Link in a Calendar Event
To link to a page on our website, in the Description box put   <a href=”http://1811atc.org.uk/?page_id=****”>Link for More Details</a>  where **** is the page number of the webpage you want it to go to.
To link anywhere else put        <a href=””>Link for More Details</a>       with the url between the inverted commas.


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