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Silver D of E

The minimum age for Silver D of E is 15 and includes the following sections and suggestions of ATC activities that can be accepted.

The suggestions are not the only activities that can count and cadets can use activities outside the ATC. Talk to Sqn Ldr Jones!

Volunteering          6 Months                           Practical First Aid – Service to the ATC – Fund raising (for RAF Benevolent fund, RAFA or Royal British Legion)

Physical                    3 or 6 Months*               Squadron Physical Achievement – Recognised Sport (improvement has to demonstrated in the 3 months)

Skills                          3 or 6 Months*               Aeronautics – First Aid – Marksmanship – Aircraft Recognition – Music – Radio

Expedition               A 3 day expedition.        Expedition Training, practice and assessment

*One section for 6 months, the other for 3 months.

If you have not achieved your Bronze award you have to do a bit more. You have to do an extra 6 months in either volunteering (total 1 year), or an extra 6months (total 1 year) of Physical or Skills. The other one of Physical or Skills remains at a total of 3 months.


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