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Training Resources

Below are links to useful cadet training resources. These resources are the printed ACPs used before the present online system and are not updated with the result that some information may not be current.


Air Cadet Publications (ACP’s)
General Service Training Drill & Ceremonial ACP19 6MB
ATC Drill Competition ACTI 120
  Inspection Annex A
  Flow Chart Annex B
  Sequence Annex B
  Sequence and Marking Sheet Annex C
First Class Cadet The Air Training Corps ACP31/1
The Royal Air Force ACP31/2
Initial Expedition Training ACP31/4
Map Reading ACP32/1
History of Flight ACP33/1
Airmanship l ACP34/1
Leading Cadet Basic Navigation ACP32/2
Principles Of Flight ACP33/2
Airmanship II ACP34/2
Senior Cadet Air Navigation ACP32/3
Propulsion ACP33/3
Aircraft Handling ACP34/3
Advanced Radio & Radar ACP35/3
Staff Cadet Pilot Navigation ACP32/4
Airframes ACP33/4
Operational Flying ACP34/4
Satellite Communications ACP35/4
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