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NCO Development

A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is a military officer who is given authority through a commissioned officer but he or she is not technically considered to be in command.   The Cadet ranks of Corporal, Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Warrant Officer are found in the Air Cadet Organisation and these NCOs generally have experience and leadership qualities to their names before they reach positions of nominal power.

Cadet and Adult NCOs are often regarded as the backbone of the organisation because they play a crucial role in managing Cadets in day-to-day activities and also serve as a liaison between commissioned officers and Cadets by keeping superior officers informed about issues and situations that might be of relevance.

NCO Development Role of the Junior Non Commissioned Officer (JNCO)
Role of the Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO)
Drill Instruction (JNCO)
Drill Instruction and Inspections (SNCO)
Dress Regulations
Leadership Style
Getting Things Done
Problem Solving
Working with a team
Drill Competition (ACTI 120)
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