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MT Request

Requests for MT from RAF High Wycombe can be made on this page. It is important to realise that the ACO can only be given MT support when vehicles are not required for service duties. MT vehicles will always be supplied on a self drive basis and the CFAV who is the nominated driver must hold a valid FMT 600 and have signed RAF High Wycombe Station Orders within the previous year.

Types of vehicle

Cars (4 or 5 seats) and Mercedes Vitos (7 seats) can be driven by any person holding a full driving licence and FMT 600.

Minibusses can only be driven by persons having Minibus on their FMT 600 and for that they will either have taken a DVLA test for Group D1 or originally taken their driving test before 1997.


If you want to get a FMT 600 please contact Verdun Luck.



MT Request

  • MT computer requires postcode of destination. If more than one destination include all postcodes separated by / Postcodes can be easily found by clicking on a place in Google maps. 1811 Sqn HQ is SL7 1BL
  •   17 Seater Minibus
      14 Seater Minibus
      7 Seater People Carrier
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