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Mass Email Information

This system is intended as a way of sending important messages, for example a parade night cancelled at short notice and also way of sending a newsletter. It will in no way replace either the website (it runs through the website, anyway), or the Squadron Facebook page.
How the system works
Staff members can originate an everyone email (they will be informed of the method by a separate post). The email goes to all users of the website with the sender address of everyone-owner@1811atc.org.uk so please make sure that your junk mail system doesn’t reject it (best way would be to put the address in your contacts list on all your devices).
If for any reason you wish to reply just do so in the normal way and the reply will be directed to the original sender and NOT to the entire list. However (except for staff) the message will first go for moderation, which not only puts a delay in its delivery, but risks the message being lost. The best method of reply is to contact the staff member by other means.
If the sender is not a staff member the message will go to moderation and expire after a day. It will not be sent.
If a cadet or parent wishes to send an everyone message it can only be done by emailing a staff member and asking them to send it for them.
If anyone wishes to be removed from the system, or doesn’t think it is operating correctly, please inform webmaster@1811atc.org.uk
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