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The earliest you can join the Air Training Corps (or any of the cadet organisations) is to be in year 8 at school, with a minimum age of 12.

To join 1811 Sqn as a cadet you should attend on an open introduction event. Prior contact with the squadron is recommended at info@1811atc.org.uk to ensure we are prepared to receive you. Parade evenings are:

Wednesday 1915 to 2145

Friday           1915 to 2145

When you join 1811 Sqn as a cadet you will be put in an induction program. Don’t worry about the technical sound of the program, it is just an organised way of smoothing your progress into the squadron.

The first time you attend a parade you will have an chat with the Training Officer. You will be given some basic information, an Induction Booklet (ACP 36), a consent form for your parents (F3822A), a sheet with squadron information and a form for your parents. Don’t worry about the strange terms in brackets, the RAF loves numbers and abbreviations; “ACP 36” means Air Cadet Publication No. 36 and F3822A means RAF Form no. 3822A (there is a F3822, which is different and comes later).

The Training Officer will also appoint a Cadet Mentor. This will be an experienced Cadet who will be able to advise you on anything you want to know. The Cadet Mentor will be a regularly attending cadet, who has been in the squadron long enough to know most of the answers. The Cadet Mentor will be appointed to you for the whole of your induction.

After three weeks (and at least four attendances by you) you will have another chat, this time with a NCO (that is a corporal or sergeant). The NCO will explain about first and final parades (you will have been standing at the back watching so far) and what training you will be doing in the future.

In this period you will be measured for your uniform, but it will not be issued until the Adult Senior NCO is happy that your drill is up to standard. Once you have been issued with your uniform you will be presented with your F3822 (another form number to learn, this one is your Record of  Service Book). This parade is a bit special for you and your parents will be invited to attend to watch you being accepted as a member of the ATC.

Throughout this period you can (and should) ask about anything you are not sure of. Ask anyone, your Mentor, other cadets, NCOs or adult staff; they will all be happy to answer your questions and all have been where you are at some time.

Link to Air Cadet Magazine.

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