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Halton Passes for CIs

As the new H & B Wing HQ is now inside the secure area at RAF Halton, you will need a Halton “Social Pass” to go there. Even if you do not want to go there the possession of the pass will make access to RAF High Wycombe and RAF Benson (and probably lots of other places) much easier.

The first downside is the 7 page form you have to fill in. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. Download here http://1811atc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/20160425-BSVR_RAF_Halton_SOCIAL_E1HBW_OSP.doc

The second downside is that you have to go to the guardroom (office hours, Monday to Friday) at RAF Halton to get it processed. In actual fact you would have to go there to get the photo taken anyway. If anyone really can’t get there in the week, I (Verdun) will try to find an alternative, but you would still have to pick it up in person.

Below are the instructions from H & B Wing in how to fill the form in.

Dear Civilian Instructors


I apologise, we have not been able to simplify the 7-page document attached that is required by RAF Halton if you’d like to apply for a personal pass. We’ve spoken to the various ranks within the RAFP and the form attached is the one that needs to be completed.

This pass will enable you to access HQ H&B Wing in the Education Centre, Clothing Stores, James Mcfadden Flight Centre and the Trenchard Museum etc.

I know that you have already completed the form attached in other guises, but we’re serious about keeping your personal information safe (Data Protection Law) and therefore we don’t share this with the Guardroom, although they also need it. So by completing the attached form, they will be able to issue you with a personal pass – however, we’re not sure how long it will take to produce and how often you will need to re-apply for a pass. By completing the form means that when you visit you won’t need to be escorted to and from the Guardroom.

If you’d like to apply, please print off and complete and take the ID docs you state at Section 2, to Mrs Dionne Barber(Passes and Permits) in the Guardroom.

I would state your referees as personnel within the ACO at Section 3, as we are the Sponsoring Company on Page 5.  If you have an SC or CTC then I would add that at Section 3 and show them the original letters as proof.

Please take the completed form and ID docs directly to Passes and Permits in the Guardroom.


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