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GIC Briefing

Gliding Induction Course (GIC)

The GIC syllabus allows trainees to operate the aircraft in the upper air. This course allows cadets to experience flying training at a younger age than that which is required for a Gliding Scholarship. It also intends to provide a basic understanding of the aircraft prior to cadets attending a scholarship course.

Cadets must be at least 13 years and 3 months to undertake the GIC syllabus and must have been enrolled to their respective ATC/CCF squadron. Upon completion of all three flights a certificate is awarded by the Commanding Officer of the VGS.

A GIC will require completion of form ACO Av MED Form 1 within three months of the date of flying

GIC 1 (Pitch) – Elevator (20 Minutes)

This flight is 20 minutes in duration and teaches the use of the elevators to control the pitch of the aircraft. This is often a trainees first ever experience in a glider and therefore a gradual introduction to flying is provided demonstrating the aircrafts stability, practicing handover and takeover control and familiarization with the local operating area.

GIC 2 (Roll) – Aileron (25 Minutes)

This flight is a continuation of the GIC 1 and lasts 25 minutes. Here the aircraft’s pitch is revised and then the use of ailerons to control roll is taught. The various cockpit instruments are also explained to the trainee.

GIC 3 (Yaw) – Rudder (30 Minutes)

This is the final part of the GIC syllabus which lasts 30 minutes. In this flight the use of the rudder is taught to control yaw. Pitch and Roll are also revised and the trainee may be asked to attempt a selection of various attitudes. If time permits a gentle stall may be demonstrated.



NB. Once the GIC syllabus has been completed a cadet who attends the VGS as part of a GIC party will receive further 20 minute flights re-capping on the skills taught throughout the GIC syllabus in order to prepare them for a Gliding Scholarship Course.

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