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Form TG21 & TG23

A large number of the activities (almost all) require the completion of Form TG21. Some cadets will also need to fill in one or more Forms TG23.

The forms must be available to the adult staff member in charge of the activity and in many cases selection for an activity will only be made if a TG21 has been supplied. Failure to supply a correctly completed form will mean that you will not be able to go on that activity.

TG21ArrowaIf, for any reason, forms cannot be downloaded from this page, blank forms can be obtained from the Adjutant.

Both of the forms have been recently updated and there are differences from the previous versions. Most particularly instead of the previous tick boxes relating to health questions, there is now a box to fill in the number of Forms TG23 that you have had to fill in and attach to the TG21 (please staple). As this forms part of the declaration that is signed at the bottom, it is important that if there are no TG23s the word “NIL” is entered in this box. It is also important to note that the conditions listed refer to major conditions, for example an occasional minor headache does not require the completion of a TG23.

These forms are in .doc format. This means that they can be downloaded, completed in Word on a computer and kept as a template with only the details in the top block of the TG21 needing completion for each activity.

The form should look like the picture to the right (but you must download from the link below). The two red arrows indicate the box that usually gets missed. If you have filled in any TG23s you must write the number in this box and staple them to the form. If you haven’t filled in any you must write “Nil”.

Completed forms should be placed in the rack to the left of the office in the appropriate folder if available.

Downloads as Word .doc file

  1. TG21 (Revision 2.0)

  2.  TG23 (Revision 1.03)

Downloads as PDF file

1  TG21 (revision 2.0)

2 TG23 (revision 1.03)


For GIC or AEF you will instead need to complete  ACO AV Med Form 1

ACO AV Med Form 1

Cadets under 18 must get the person with parental responsibility to sign, those 18 and over can sign it themselves.


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