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Form ACO AV Med Form 1

Before attending either AEF or GIC you will need to complete and sign a form ACO Av Med Form 1.  To be valid, the form must be countersigned by the your parent or guardian (unless you are 18 or over). The form may also be used at any time to check that a cadet is fit to fly or if any further medical checks need to be made in advance.

Version 1.02 differs from the earlier version in that instead of filling the form in on your computer print the blank form and fill it in with a pen.

Completion is self explanatory.

Assuming that none of your answers result in a “DO NOT FLY” Disposal, you just have to fill in your details at the bottom of the form, sign it and get you parent/guardian to countersign it.

The completed form is valid for three months after the date on the form, after that you need a new form.

Completed forms should be placed in the rack to the left of the office in the appropriate folder if available.

The form can be downloaded as a .xls file by clicking here  It should appear in your download folder.

The form can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking here

Note you will NOT require forms TG21/23   

If you do not have a completed form dated less than three months before GIC/AEF you will NOT fly

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