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The required medical standards for Air Experience Flying (AEF) and Gliding are different depending on the exact activity.

For AEF and Glider Induction Training (GIC) the cadet must complete, sign and get a parent to countersign an ACO Av Med Form 1. Download and full instructions are published on a separate page.

For Gliding Scholarship (GS) when the cadet will be trained to fly solo, the requirements are the same as for the British National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL). These are based very much on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) requirements for vehicle drivers with some extra provisions. These requirements are fully described on the DVLA at a glance website.

The procedure for 1811 Sqn cadets wishing to complete a GS course is first to apply to CI V. Luck at their Squadron to arrange for Herts & Bucks Wing to issue them a form 6424. The cadet must read this form and sign the declaration confirming their fitness (in the unlikely case of a cadet under 16 completing a F6424 their parents must sign). They must then take the form to their General Practitioner (GP) who will countersign the form confirming that there is no indication in the cadet’s medical record that they do not meet the medical requirements. There is no requirement for a medical examination.

In the event of any doubt the matter is referred to the RAF Command Flight Medical Officer for a decision.

The form includes a part that the GP can detach and send to Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) to claim the Doctor’s costs.

It is important to realise that unless the F6424 is issued by Herts & Bucks Wing with the wing stamp on it the GP cannot claim his money, nor will the cadet’s name be put on the waiting list for a GS course. Issue of the F6424 automatically places the cadet’s name on the waiting list for a course.

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