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For Instructions for Adult Staff see below

image002aAir Experience Flying (AEF) for 1811 Sqn is normally with No. 6 Air Experience Flight at RAF Benson. Flying is in the Grob Tutor two seat training aircraft and cadets will normally have a flight of about 20 minutes.

During the flight cadets will be given the opportunity to handle the controls and fly the aircraft. If conditions are suitable and the cadets requests the pilot may demonstrate aerobatics.


In order to be considered for AEF a cadet must have completed the ACO Av MED Form 1 process. This involves downloading the .xls file, completing the questions on it, printing the form and it being signed by a parent or guardian. The form is valid for 3 months from date of signing. However, cadets are encouraged to use the form at any time to see if they are fit to fly and establish if any further checks need to be made in good time.

Minimum Height and Weight

The minimum height (distance from heel to shoulder) is 1.1 metres (3ft 8 inches)

The minimum weight  for a cadet for AEF flying is 35kg.

The maximum weight is 107 kg clothed

These limits are set for safety reasons by the RAF.

For more information contact CI V Luck

Things to bring with you

Trainers (to change into)
Something warm
Something to eat
Something to drink
ACO Av MED Form 1 
(should already have been handed in to staff)


Use of 230 sqn RAF Facilities by cadets on AEF at Benson

230 Sqn/HQ
09 Mar 17


  1. Issue. Air cadets visiting 6 AEF will utilise the engineers’ crew-room and disabled toilet on 230 Sqn. Access will be from Wed to Sun inclusive, commencing 15 Mar 17 until a permanent solution is sourced.
  1. Timing. Immediate.
  1. Detail. Following the site visit to 230 Sqn on 9 Mar 17, I am content to offer you the use of the 230 Sqn engineers’ crew-room and the disabled toilet adjacent to the rear door for visiting air cadets. You are responsible for ensuring all visitors to 230 Sqn remain within the designated areas and do not remove or damage any Sqn eqpt.
  1. Safeguarding and Escorting. It is the responsibility of the visiting unit to ensure all cadets are escorted by appropriately qualified pers throughout their visit.
  1. Access. From Wed to Fri the front door will automatically operate as required. During the weekend, the access code (0123, enter) will grant access.
  1. Restrictions. The following restrictions should be observed:a. Noise is to be kept to a minimum due to the close proximity of working offices.

    b. Cadets transiting between the crew-room to the disabled toilet are to do so using the westerly corridor.

    c.Entrance into any other office or room other than the crew-room and disabled toilet is strictly forbidden.

    d. You are responsible for providing entertainment and refreshment facilities. The vending machine will be kept re-stocked where possible.

    e.Any issues are to be reported to me immediately

  1. I look forward to welcoming the air cadets to 230 Sqn; my team will do their best to offer visits around the Puma Force where possible on an ad-hoc basis.

T Sawbridge

Wg Cdr

OC 230 Sqn

Instructions for Accompanying Adults

The accompanying adult has to contact 6 AEF on the day before flying (Friday for Sunday flying) to confirm that flying will take place and also to give them the name so that the guardroom will be aware of the need to issue a pass. The telephone number for 6 AEF is 01491 837766 Ext 5230 or 01491 837766 Ext5235

There is a definite advantage in arriving on-time or even a little early as they seem to take the cadets roughly in the order they arrive. Leaving Marlow at 0730 for the morning slot seems to work and at 1200 for the afternoon one.

For Satnavs the postcode for RAF Benson is OX10 6AA, this will take you to the main guardroom. You will need some form of photo ID and the guardroom staff will issue a temporary pass for the adult and a pass for the vehicle. The cadets do not need a pass as they have their F3822 record of service books.

After going to the Guardroom go through the barrier, turn right and follow the directions on the map below.

During flying the adult staff seem to be expected to assist by escorting the cadets to the aircraft and keeping records; these duties will be fully explained.



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