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AEF 17th Dec 2017

Admin Order

Name of Activity AEF
Activity Code AEF171217
Staff Member CI Verdun Luck
Nature of Activity Air Experience Flying
How Long is Activity: 1 Day
Start Date: 17/12/2017
Location of Activity RAF Benson
Transport Provided
Meeting Time 1030
Meeting Place SHQ
Expected Return Time Late Afternoon
Cadet Qualification 1st Class
Uniform Working Blue
Number of Cadets 4
Cost Nil to cadets
Closing Date for Sign-up 06/12/2017
Forms Med 1 Required
Equipment to Bring Packed lunch, something to do, trainers and girls bring trousers.
Remarks Cadets who have not completed First Class, but have completed First Class Airmanship Training may apply.

Only cadets who have supplied a Form Med 1 and placed it in the correct folder by the door of the office will be considered. If I do not have a Form Med 1 you will not be selected.

Form Med 1 Download


Flying Sign-Up

To qualify for AEF a cadet must:

Be between 35kg and 107kg
Have a heel to shoulder measurement of at least 1.1 mts (3ft 8ins)
Be 13 years and 3 months or older on the date of the flight.
Be a 1st Class Cadet, or have completed 1st class Airmanship training.

Do you meet all the conditions above?
We require the phone No. of the person with parental responsibility for the cadet on the flying day(s) 
NoK Phone Number*
Age on date of flying years/months*
Weight in kg*
Previous AEF Flying*

You are not eligible for this, please do not proceed

Cadets already signed-up

This list only Cadets those who have asked to be considered. It is not a list of those selected which will be issued later

You have no permission to view submissions.
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